The name of the game originates from Japan. The word Sudoku actually consists of two words in Japanese: "Su" which in Japanese means "number" and "Doku" which means "single". But the puzzle originates from Switzerland. A Swiss mathematician called Leonhard Euler, developed the idea of arranging numbers in a way that any number would occur just once in each column and row.

In Japan it was introduced in April 1984 by the name of "Suji wa dokushin ni kagiro" which could possibly be translated as something like "You must put any number just once for every single row or column". And later on the name was shorten just to "Sudoku" - "single number".

This game is basically a kind of puzzle which is most frequently seen as 9 x 9 grid consisting of 3 x 3 subgrids. The player must fill in all the cells in order to solve the game. And you must put any number just once per column and row remember? We wish you to spend a really good time with our free online Sudoku suitable for everyone with no limitation of age what so ever.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Nintendo Game System Release Timeline [Infographic]

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nintendo game system release timeline - infographic
from Visually

Friday, April 6, 2018

Facts and Figures about Gamers [Infographic]

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facts and figures about gamers - infographic
from Visually